Working Guidelines of Patent

Reasons for Developing the Working Guidelines for Patent

Provide information about the responsibilities and tasks assigned to staff following the new structure of the Department of Intellectual Property.


Guide the Department of Intellectual Property staff about the services that effectively support intellectual property rights

Help staff give on-the-job training

Prepare training activities for DIP staff and other government officials

1. Services Provided by the Patent Office

Provide advisory and information services on patent rights protection and general information on intellectual property

Process the patent applications and the formality check

Process the preliminary examination

Classify groups of patents according to International Patent Classification (IPC)

Process the application publication for patent

Summarize the decisions on opposition/dispute, together with the issues that need to be considered

Search prior art

Conduct a substantive examination

Issue a patent certificate

Provide and help staff give on-the-job training

Organize seminars/training courses for handling agents



         Motion Picture Association




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