Section 15. Subject to Section 9, Section 10 and Section 14, the owner of copyright has the exclusive rights of :

(1) reproduction or adaptation;

(2) communication to public;

(3) letting for hire of the original or the copies of a computer program, an audiovisual work, a cinematographic work and a sound recording;

(4) giving benefits accruing from the copyright to other persons;

(5) licensing the rights mentioned in (1), (2) or (3) with or without conditions, provided that the said conditions shall not unfairly restrict the competition.

Whether the conditions as mentioned in sub-section (5) of paragraph one are unfair restrictions of competition or not shall be considered in accordance with the rules, methods and conditions set forth in the Ministerial Regulation.

Section 16. The authorization by the owner of copyright by virtue of this Act to a person to exercise the right according to Section 15(5) shall not restrict the owner of copyright from granting such authorization to another person, except that the restriction is specified in a written authorization.

Section 17. Copyright is assignable.

The owner of copyright may assign the copyright in whole or in part and may assign it for a limited duration or for the entire term of copyright protection.

The assignment of copyright by other means, except by inheritance, must be made in writing with signatures of the assignor and the assignee. If the duration is not specified in the assignment contract, the assignment shall be deemed to last for ten years.

Section 18. The author of a copyright work by virtue of this Act is entitled to identify himself as the author and to prohibit the assignee or any person from distorting, shortening, adapting or doing anything with the work to the extent that such act would cause damage to the reputation or dignity of the author. When the author is dead, the heir of the author is entitled to a litigation for the enforcement of such right through the term of copyright protection, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

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