Prosecution of Copyrihgt Case

Prosecution of Copyrihgt Case

The co-ordinating Center for Suppression of Intellectual Property ViolationThe Ministry of Commerce


means the exclusive right to do any act with respect to the work created by the author which expressed in forms as following:

Literary work such as books, computer programs.

Dramatic work such as choreography, dancing.

Artistic work such as painting work, lithography work, architecture work, photographic work, etc.

Musical work rhythm and lyrics.

Audiovisual work such as video tapes.

Cinematographic work.

Sound recording such as music tape.

Broadcasting work such as radio and television broadcasting.

Any other work in the literary, scientific or artistic domain.

Infringement of Copyright

Direct infringement is any act against a copyright work without the permission from the authors shall be deemed an infringement of copyright :

reproduction or adaptation.

communication to public.

letting of the original or the copies of an audiovisual work, cinematographic work, sound recording or computer program.

Indirect infringement is any act for profit with an acknowledgement or should have known that a work is an infringement of others’ copyright shall be deemed an infringement :

selling, occupying for sale, offering for sale, letting.

communication to public.

distribution in the manner which may cause damage to the owner of the copyrig

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