Prosecution of Patent Case

Prosecution of Patent Case The co-ordinating Center for Suppression of Intellectual Property Violation Patent means the official document issued by the government to protect invention or product design. Invention means searching for or making something which bring about new products or new processes, or any performance which improving products or procedures. Term of protection for …

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Patent/Petty-Patent Application Form

Patent/Petty-Patent Application Form Patent/Petty-Patent Application o Invention Patent o Design Patent o Petty-Patent I herein sign my signature in this Patent/Petty-Patent Application for filing of said application under Patent Act B.E.2522(1979) which is amended by Patent Act(No.2) B.E.2535(1992) and Patent Act (No.3) B.E. 2542(1999) For Officer Receiving Date: Application Number Filing Date: International Patent Classification …

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Working Guidelines of Patent

Reasons for Developing the Working Guidelines for Patent Provide information about the responsibilities and tasks assigned to staff following the new structure of the Department of Intellectual Property. Guide the Department of Intellectual Property staff about the services that effectively support intellectual property rights Help staff give on-the-job training Prepare training activities for DIP staff …

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