Advice on Shrink Wrap License Contract

Advice on Shrink Wrap License Contract

  1. This Shrink Wrap License Contract is a model contract to be used as a format in making the contract for people who want to request permission to use copyrighted computer program or for the owner of copyright in the computer program.

    2. This contract was made so that the people involved may act in compliance with the Copyright Act B.E. 2537 and other related laws such as the Civil and Commercial Code and current practice in trading business.

  2. This contract is the outcome of the working group consisting of representatives of all parties involved from both government and private sectors including experts in various fields. Therefore, this contract is an appropriate and fair contract to all parties including the owner of copyright, licensee and the general public.
  3. For the benefit of using the said model contract, please read the advice below.

    Warning The licensor should type a warning on boxes or envelopes containing computer programs which are being sold so that the buyers or consumers can see clearly that the buyers should read and understand the contract before opening the envelope that contains the diskette. Once the buyer opens the envelope containing the diskette, it shall be deemed that the buyer immediately bound by the contract.

    Clause 2 of the Contract

    Clause 2.3 In the event that the computer program is expensive, the parties to the contract may prescribe special transfer condition(s) which are appropriate for such program.


Department of Intellectual Property
May 1995

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