Working Guidelines of Trademark

Reasons for Developing the Working Guidelines for Trademark

Provide information about the responsibilities and tasks assigned to staff following the new structure of the Department of Intellectual Property.

Guide the Department of Intellectual Property staff about the services that effectively support intellectual property rights.

Help staff give on-the-job training.

Prepare training activities for DIP staff and other government officials.

1. Services Provided by the Trademark Office
Provide advisory and information services on trademark rights protection and other related IP laws.
Process the applications for trademark registration in abiding by the trademark law and perform tasks in line with the IP laws.
File legal documents concerning trademark and other IP related laws.
Issue certifications and reproduce documents used for registration, including search trademark documents for the public and private sectors.
2. Users of the Trademark Office Users’ Interests, Needs and Requirements
Trademark Applicants and Owners [individual] [juristic person] [company]
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